I’ve launched a ‘Stormquellers’ YouTube channel, where I can upload videos that people send me.  Already has several from India Co.  Hope to grow it over the next several months, and link to those videos from the chapters I’m creating.

Videos from the Stormquellers channel: I don’t have the full context for these yet, but will try to get that so we know what we’re looking at… ***Language Warning***





Below are other videos, from other sources. I’ll probably consolidate these into the new Stormquellers channel.

History Channel’s ‘Shootout’ Episode covering 3/2 and its major operations.  Great synopsis, with pretty good maps, interviews and actual combat footage (interspersed with reenacted scenes)


Could only find this one with Spanish subtitles…
Cobra attack helo strike on mosque, during assault on New Ubaydi

Olly North FB vid



Great turnover brief by Gunny Brian Hogancamp in the COC at Gannon.  Patrick Glynn, of India’s HQ Plt, tells me the Gunny was part of the advance team that came out before the rest of the BN to smooth transition with 1/7. This is when he was briefing the incoming 3/2 staff.
Marines from 3/2’s Lima Co. First part shows the big sandstorm at Al Asad. Then cuts to Operation Spear and assault on Karabilah.  Shows lots of interesting details.

This is basically the same footage, with some longer cuts. Platoon from 3/2’s Lima Co, “Beowulf” during Operation Spear.
Compilation of still images and video, made by Warpig1, Alpha Section


Another compilation, by Warpig2 ***Language Warning***


Deployment video, made by AAV crews from 4AAB


Brian Stann, of WarPig 2, on the Jocko podcast


1/7 Marines leaving Camp Al-Qaim


Full documentary about Lima Co, 3/25 BN.






Footage of Iraqi insurgents at the time of Operation Matador, by AP wire service

Insurgents in Ramadi.  First segment shows an insurgent mortar team in action.

3:25 Video

‘Combat Diary’, a documentary about Lima Co, 3/25 Battalion.

Link to a collection of videos, some show other units and other timeframes



Col Davis press briefing, Feb 2006


3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines and the fight for Al-Qaim, Iraq

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