Grunt-level video of Spear

This is a really interesting video, clearly taken by a Marine from either 3/2 or 3/25 (I’m still trying to figure out which), showing the operation up close and personal.  Among YouTube war videos, it’s unique in that it’s over an hour long, and doesn’t have a bunch of distracting edits or advertising.  It also shows many interesting aspects of the operation, and what it’s like to be a grunt pushing through an Iraqi city infested by insurgents.

For viewers who were there, this may conjure up memories of the event.  If anyone knows the guys in this squad, or has info on the video, let me know.

And for non-Marines who watch this with patience and attentiveness, it reveals fascinating details.  For example, listen to the Squad Leader’s mission brief (in the dark) at 10:53, as he readies his men for action.  See a tank demolish a building at 28:55 and watch how Marines do room clearing, starting at 47:50.

Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) in Operation Spear, June 2005

Note: The first 10 minutes show a large sandstorm sweeping over Al-Asad so you may want to skip that.

Oh, and high-level language warning. These are Marines, unfiltered…


Update (13jan17):  I found out this was 3/2’s Lima Co. I thought they were at Al-Asad pulling base security for the whole deployment, but in fact they sent some elements to be in Operation Spear.  My source knows the guys at the start of the video.  So, I learned a new dimension there and will try to find out more about what 3/2 Lima did.

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