Defending Gannon, Ron Jackson

An account by LCpl Ron Jackson, 1st Platoon, India Co., describing the defense of Camp Gannon on 11 Apr 2005. Once the attack started, he rushed to a post on the south perimeter of the base (used with permission):

ron-jacksonMy platoon was off and in reserve at the time of explosion. We all went and reinforced the positions. I went to post 7.  It was scary, but then your training takes over. I got blown out of my rack when the attack started. Mortars landed on top of us. I had that moment of intense fear before running out to post 7, but you have a bigger fear of letting your brothers down.

Two guys were in P7 when I got there. I brought extra ammo. Two of us had M-16s and the other had a SAW. We were receiving heavy small arms, rocket, and mortar fire from the south and east.  I could see muzzle flashes and men on the rooftops. We started engaging them and reporting what we saw to the COC.  As we fired back at the muzzle flashes, we were aggressive but professional, if that makes sense.  

–Ron Jackson

Camp Gannon guard posts, P1 through P8. Jackson was manning P7 along the southern perimeter wall

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