Videos: SAW on cyclic / breaking glass

These two videos add a little bit of understanding as to what happened during the April 11th attack on Gannon, and how the dumptruck and firetruck VBIEDs were stopped, or deterred from penetrating the perimeter, where they would have been far more lethal.

The first just shows a civilian firearms enthusiast, firing an M249 SAW at the full ‘cyclic’ rate, without letting off the trigger. This is essentially the same type of weapon that Josh Butler fired at the VBIEDs.  And it’s a vivid example of how fast the M249 will go through ammo on cyclic.

This second video is from the Tactical Rifleman YouTube channel, and features Rob French, former Force Recon Marine and now an instructor with the Tier 1 Group, showing the impact of bullets on various types of glass, including “bullet-proof” windshields (hint: they’re not really bullet-proof).  This really illustrates the effects that Butler’s 5.56mm rounds probably had on the VBIED windshields during the 11 Apr 2005 attack.


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