Remembering Adam Crumpler, KIA 18 June 2005

Update (17jun18) – The chapters on Operation Spear have been finished for some time.  The first is Tip of the Spear, which covers Day 1 and the middle of Day 2 of the operation.  The 2nd is The Hard Edge, which starts with the action that led to the loss of LCpl Adam Crumpler.

CrumplerKIAthumbUpdate (10jul17) – I’ve got the draft section as complete as possible right now, and I’m pretty comfortable with it.  The eye witnesses I’ve interviewed have all approved it, so I’m ready to share. This was a challenge for me as a writer, emotionally and technically. A brave young Marine died, and by writing about it I realized I was creating a monument of sorts; to honor him, the men who went into battle with him, and his family.  I wanted to make sure I got the details right and that I treated this incident with respect.  I hope I’ve accomplished that.  It will be part of a larger chapter about Operation Spear, which I’m still slogging away on.  There will be sections before and after this that put things into context.

Crumpler smiling

(16jun17) – For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been writing an account of the engagement in Karabilah, during Operation Spear, that resulted in the death of LCpl Adam Crumpler.  In a few days it will be the anniversary of that date, 18 June 2005.

Writing about this has been a hard task, and I have proceeded carefully to treat the event with as much accuracy, fidelity and respect as possible.  In doing so, I have interviewed several Marines who were there, and they have shared with me their detailed first-hand accounts of what happened, and why.  They’ve shared very personal feelings, and the emotional impact the event has had on them.  I am grateful, and honored, by the confidence they have shown in me to tell the story.

With their ongoing input, I am still editing and refining the section. I am not sure when I’ll be ready to post it here, but that is what I’d like to do–when it’s appropriate.

Also, I’m still searching out members of Kilo Co, 1st Platoon, especially those in 1st Squad who were with Adam as they cleared that house.  If someone was there, and wants to add to my understanding of what happened, I’d like to talk to you.

crumpler smiling

In the meantime, I just want to remember and honor a brave Marine who gave his life in his country’s service, and literally placed himself in the line of fire to protect his squad-mates and friends. May he Rest in Peace, and may God bless his family and loved ones.

Semper Fi…


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