Valuable reference: The Awakening, Vol III-A

Al Sahawa DocsThis is an outstanding reference, that is hard to find. I’ve told several people about it, and some have asked me to send it. Now I can just send a link and people can download for themselves.

The Institute of Defense Analysis (IDA) published a detailed, multi-year, multi-volume study on the campaign for Anbar and the Awakening.  It is an outstanding resource. The graphic shows all the different volumes of this quite impressive project, several of which you can access on IDA’s website.

IDA paperThe volume on Al-Qaim, however, is not available online (at least I couldn’t find it), so I had to request it direct from IDA and they emailed it to me.  To make it easier for others, here it is:
Awakening Vol IIIA-AlQaim

It covers the Al-Qaim area, over multiple years and units, including 3/2 in 2005. There are multiple interesting interviews with key players. But from my perspective, the most important are long interviews with LtCol Mundy, 3/2’s Commander (page A-3), and Capt Diorio, Commander of India Co (page A-39). The full transcripts are in Vol III-A.

There appears to be a DVD, with all volumes and videos, that you can order.  This is a short preview of the project, that IDA posted on YouTube.

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