Scout-Sniper operations


Burggraff on scope
Shane Burggraff, Reaper 2, on a rooftop somewhere near Al-Qaim (used with permission)

I’ve posted drafts of two chapters covering 3/2’s ScoutSniper Platoon (SSP).  The first is a short profile of the SSP, which went by the callsign “Reaper”.  The second describes several recon & surveillance operations in May and June of 2005.  It ends with a dramatic mission on 11 Jun 05, where two Reaper teams infiltrated into the insurgent-held city of Karabilah.  This mission was hugely successful, and helped prepare the battlespace for Operation Spear which came just a week later.

Reaper v1.4 (Platoon profile)

Target Softening v2.4

Note: Due to the nature of what ‘Target Softening’ covers, there are several places where names, quotes and photos are currently blanked out, waiting on specific permissions to be given.  I felt that would be prudent in this case.  Hopefully I will have those permissions soon.

Bomb on cityhouse?


Angel on My Shoulder.Really good article by Ed Marek, about Marines in Fallujah. Has an excellent section on snipers.  Not sure where to put this yet, so stashing it here…

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