Calling All WarPigs

Right now I’m writing about the parts of Operation Matador where 3/2’s Weapons Company, callsign “WarPig”, played several key roles.  Two of the Company’s Mobile Assault Platoons, WarPig 1 and WarPig 2, established a blocking position at the “Golden Gate” bridge on Day 1 of the operation.  For the next six days, they engaged in a remarkable 360-degree firefight with a large number of insurgents.

WarPig turret

Additionally, WarPig 3 played a part in the assault on New Ubadyi on 8 May, and then crossed the river into Ramana.  I’ve captured a few of their actions (see Penny’s Shootout), but would like to understand more from their perspective.

Of course, the WarPigs were involved in virtually all 3/2’s operations and actions during the deployment.  I’m sure there is much information that can amplify my understanding.  And at some point I’ll be writing a ‘profile’ section about the Company, so can use baseline info for that.

Anyway, so far I’ve had only a few contacts with WarPig guys, and would like to develop more so I can tell their story in a fuller way.  If you were in WarPig 3/2 in 2005, send me an email, or hit me up on FaceBook.

If you’re wondering about who I am and why I’m writing this book, please take a look at these links:
Preface (suggest you start here)
About (more about my background, and my time in Iraq)
My ROE (guidelines I follow for interviews & chats)



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