Close Air references

References and sources for the ‘Close Air’ chapter:

2nd MAW:
2nd MAW Forward Commander, ‘Boomer’

HMLA 269 “Gunrunners”
During 2005 the Gunrunners flew more than 5951 hours and 3994 sorties
HMLA 269 Deployment: Jan 05 – July 05, Al-Asad Iraq
More than 2,000 flight hours and 1,300 sorties

HMLA 269 Detachment OIC was Maj Rick Ray

HMLA 775 “Coyotes”:
HMLA 775 Deployment: Mar 05 – Oct 05, Al-Asad Iraq
HMLA-775 returns from Iraq.  Maj. Mark Voelker, Maj. Rob Russell, Valerie Belue





CAS Terms:

Definition of Terminal Attack Control

JP 3-09.3, 3 Sep 2003

Article, ‘What CAS is and isn’t’ (3 parts)


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