Need stories from Camp Gannon


I’m working on chapters about India Company and the fight out at Camp Gannon, and events in and around Husaybah in 2005.  While I’ve spoken to several marines who were there, I could really use more information and first-hand stories about those days (Feb-Sep 2005).  If you were there, I’d like to hear from you.  I know there were guys from WarPig and other elements there also.

I’ve already written chapters covering the complex attack of April 11th, and another about Trash OP.  (You can link to those on the homepage).  But more details and insights are always welcome.

Now I’ll be working on filling out the chronology, describing conditions at Gannon, and covering what happened towards the end of the deployment as the AQI foreign fighters pushed into Husaybah to force out the local tribal forces that had started a loose cooperation with the Marines.

To reach me, use the contact link here, or text me thru my Facebook page.  Also, if you want to share some stories with me, please read through my ‘rules of engagement’.


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