Need Help With Gannon Locations

Here’s what I know about the layout and locations on Camp Gannon in 2005.  This is a Google Earth image from Dec 2004, annotated with the guardposts (P1-P8) and a few other locations.  I’m looking for where the chowhall, the latrines, and the burn pit were.  Also, I don’t have a location for P4 (was there one?)  If anyone can pinpoint these or other buildings, it would be a big help.  BTW, Camp Gannon was dismantled long ago, so there are no OPSEC considerations regarding this info.  Contact me here.

Here’s an updated map, based on a hand-drawn sketch by Chris Nothstine, one of the ‘trackers’ with 4th AAB.  Also had input from Dali Markovic.  I’ve made the annotations smaller, in order to place them more accurately.  You’ll have to zoom in close to read them.
Gannon layout6

Also, here’s Chris’ sketch map (posted with permission):

Notebook map-Chris Nothstine

Here’s my other version, with the larger annotations:


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