AQI’s Assault on Husaybah: Aug 2005

I’m now writing about August of 2005, the very end of 3/2’s deployment, when foreign fighters and Iraqi members of Al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) surged into Al-Qaim to seize control of Husaybah. There are several reports that Zarqawi himself was either in the area or was directing the assault. Their main objective was to destroy the Albu Mahal tribe, which had been actively fighting against them. Since mid-summer, the Albu Mahal tribal militia, known as the Hamza Brigade, had been loosely cooperating with India Company and their relationship with the Marines was growing stronger. But Zarqawi’s forces were determined to stop this development and seize decisive control over the key border city.

Describing this timeframe will be an important part of the book, but challenging to do it accurately. It is tough to understand exactly what happened and when. I especially need help to pin down dates of certain events. I have pieced together a timeline, but more details are needed. I could use help from Marines who were there. If you have stories, photos or information from that time that you can share, please contact me.

Here are some things I’d like help with:

-Descriptions of red-on-red fighting in town. What did it look and sound like? Where did you see it occur? How often? Do you know the dates (maybe from a journal or log entry?)

-Eyewitness accounts of when the local muj (Hamza Brigade) came out of the city with white flags, to Trash OP or elsewhere.

-Close calls you had in July or August, such as sniper shots, RPGs, mortars etc. Dates are helpful.

-An incident (possibly 4 Aug?) where the “local muj” militia leader’s house was attacked, and a helicopter mission was diverted to scare the attackers away.

-Details of the 12 Aug 05 firefight at the ING. This was an engagement where India’s 1st Platoon fended off a determined attack by tactically proficient fighters. See more here.

-Mortar support fired from Gannon for the local muj, using either illum or other rounds.

-Any accounts of first-hand interaction with the Hamza Brigade guys, either processing them on Gannon, loading them on vehicles, or other interactions.

2 thoughts on “AQI’s Assault on Husaybah: Aug 2005”

  1. You send me an email and I’ll send you want I can remember. It was a long time ago and As I recall most of us left for Al Quaim by then, so the relieving unit and guys left dealt with it.

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