Brian Stann on Jocko Podcast

Ran across this YouTube the other day and viewed the whole thing. Gave me lots of new insights on Operation Matador, how WarPig (Weapons Co.) operated, the intensity of 3/2’s fight, and of course on Brian Stann himself.  Stann was the Lieutenant in charge of WarPig 2, and during Matador led an epic fight to secure the south end of the (Golden Gate) bridge. Later, he became a top-notch MMA fighter in the UFC.

This interview is with former SEAL, and now ‘moto motivator’, Jocko Willink.  They cover Stann’s recently published book, Heart for the Fight, which is about Stann’s wartime experiences and how they helped him shape his life.  Great stuff.  Enjoy…


Caution: It starts off with Jocko reading an intense passage from the book about the fiery destruction of an armored ‘trak’ of 3/25 during Operation Matador, which killed several Marines.

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