Film by 3/2 Marine, Noah Cass

noah-runningShould have put this up awhile back, but got behind… I made contact w Noah Cass a couple weeks ago. In 2005 he was a gunner in WarPig (Weapons Company).  Now he’s made an independent film, The last time I heard true silence, about his experiences in Iraq and his life since coming home. Here’s an excerpt from the web page…

When the war you’ve lived through follows you home, you can’t run away from it, but you can run through it.  

Upon returning from Iraq, Noah struggles to transition back into civilian life. His attempts to reintegrate are repeatedly thwarted by problems he never faced before: aggressive behavior, alcohol, addiction, depression, difficulty holding down a job and holding onto a relationship. After losing more friends to suicide than war, he finds himself hitting rock bottom so he starts running and he never stops.

Now a father and husband, Noah enters a 50-mile wilderness race, pushing his mind and his body to their limits.



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