Progress on “Bastards & Brothers”

I know it’s been a long time since I posted, so apologies for that. But there has been significant progress being made in the background. The biggest news is that the book has now passed a ridiculously long security review process (took many months). DoD approval came through the other day with hardly any required changes. In fact, they were completely non-consequential which was a pleasant surprise. A different outfit, one of the “Other Government Agencies”, also approved it with no changes. So those are out of the way.

On another front, I’ve hired a book designer to put the manuscript in the correct format for producing an e-Book on Amazon and a print book through Ingram-Sparks. So they’re working on that if I decide to go the self-published route

But new developments have revived the traditional publishing option. Chris Starling (Col retired, who was RCT-2’s Ops Officer during 2005) has been using his extensive contact list to find high-powered endorsements for the book. The first is H.R. McMaster, retired 3-star, noted author and former National Security Advisor. He’s given the book a great endorsement (for the back jacket). Here’s part of it:

Ajax Trueblood describes in compelling detail tactical level actions and tough decisions that had strategic consequences… This book should be required reading for NCO’s, junior officers and senior leaders. –H.R. McMaster

We’re pursuing other high-level endorsers as well, which will help attract a traditional publisher. Also, through another of Chris’ contacts, I have a channel to reach some publishing companies that specialize in military history. So the search continues with renewed energy on that front. Finding a good publisher would ensure the book gets much wider distribution than self-publishing.

Besides the security reviews, the biggest obstacle has been figuring out how to get the book published and on “shelves” (virtual or physical) so people can order it. I always knew that would be a challenge, but underestimated all the intricacies involved.

I know its been frustrating to many Marines who are waiting to get their hands on this book. It probably seems like it (and I) had faded away. But I’m still pushing forward.


One thought on “Progress on “Bastards & Brothers””

  1. Please let me know when I can get my hands on it. I am a Betio Brother from that time frame and would love to read it.


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