Shockwaves – 11Apr05 suicide attacks

On 11 April 05, Al-Qaeda in Iraq mounted a vicious “complex attack” against Camp Gannon and 3/2’s India Company, with three large suicide vehicle bombs in rapid succession. For several minutes it seemed like Gannon would be overrun. But through fast reaction, toughness and sheer courage, the Marines beat the enemy back. What happened (and didn’t happen) that morning determined the course of the next crucial months for 3/2. Those that were there will never forget. The chapter covering that day is called “Shockwaves”.

The famous video of the attack, made and broadcast by AQI

Maps from Ch 11. Shockwaves:

4 thoughts on “Shockwaves – 11Apr05 suicide attacks”

  1. We were in the middle of using the sand table in Kilos area with Kilos 2nd plt at AQ planning a raid when they hit. The whole building shook a bit like a small earthquake.


    1. Thanks Mike. Just so others understand, let me clarify a little. Camp Gannon was located about 13 miles away from 3/2’s main base at Camp Al-Qaim, where Kilo Company and other parts of the battalion operated out of. The last of the three explosions at Gannon (the firetruck) was felt clearly by those at Camp Al-Qaim, indicating how large it was. The mushroom cloud from the firetruck rose hundreds of feet into the air, making some wonder if a tactical nuke had gone off. –Ajax


      1. It blew me out of my top rack in the aav/ combat engineer hooch in camp gannon then the gunfire started and all hell broke loose


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