A reminder on the Marine Corps birthday

Here’s a reminder of why Marines are awesome, why their birthday is awesome, and in particular why 3/2 (and 3/6) Marines did awesome work in Al-Qaim… That last point of awesomeness is a bit intricate, but here’s the short version:

In mid-2005, 3/2’s India Company started a tentative partnership with a local Sunni tribe. When 3/6 Marines replaced 3/2, they built that partnership into a full-fledged alliance.

By November 2005 (soon after the Marine Corps birthday btw), Sunni tribesmen had helped the Marines defeat AQI in Al-Qaim and stabilize the district. In a landmark ceremony that month, Marines, Iraqi troops and a Sunni tribal militia (the Desert Protectors) celebrated their success.

A major theme of Bastards & Brothers explains how India Co and 3/2 got that ball rolling, and then how 3/6 expanded and accelerated it. Before the 2006 Awakening in Ramadi, there was an awakening and dramatic turnaround in Al-Qaim… Thanks to a bunch of awesome Marines.

Desert Protector tribal militia celebrating in Husaybah, November 2005

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