Two podcast appearances

I had the privilege of appearing on two podcasts this week, to talk about the book. The first is hosted by Matt Gundlach, who ran the Marine Corps Shooting Team for several years, until his retirement a couple of months ago. Well-known in the competitive shooting world, Matt is a champion 3-gun competitor, and recently started his own podcast called “3GIQ”.

Matt is also one of the 3/2 vets I interviewed. In 2005, he was a machine-gunner in Kilo Company and figures prominently in a couple parts of the book. He actually had me on his podcast twice, first in a short ‘promo’ episode that aired a couple weeks ago. Then came this week’s full 2-hour-plus episode along with two other vets, Chris Ieva and Sean Gregory, the commander and 1st Sergeant of Kilo.

Go here for the ‘promo’ version, which gives a good summary of what the book is about.

And here’s the full one, with lots of stories and discussion from Chris Ieva, Sean Gregory, Matt Gundlach, and his podcast partner Frank Goa.

Matt and I also appeared on the “Former Action Guys” podcast, hosted and produced by Justin Kramer, another Marine. Justin’s podcast is well-established, with a substantial and growing audience. He’s an experienced and excellent host, who puts you right at ease and gets the conversation going.

We took the conversation into a wide range of topics, and I really had a good time with it. Here’s that link:

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